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Anthony Pelchen

Anthony Pelchen is compelled to ritualize and honour moments in time through making.

He grew up in Horsham and left in 1978, returning in 2000 to base himself on the Wimmera River at Quantong. He studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and works across mediums and art forms, in particular drawing, painting, performance, video and installation. He has exhibited widely in Melbourne and collaborative projects have taken him to Japan, Malaysia and Denmark, working with dancers, musicians and other visual artists.


His extremes are leading the collaborative missions, like his 11-artist/3-year Malaysia Australia Raft Project 2013-15 and drawing alone at night; dark black charcoal works which hover between dystopian and utopian - ambiguous hybrid swirls of landscape, architecture, the body and something in between.

Intent on excavating the human condition, ‘portraiture’ is woven into his practice. These are often barely representational responses, more marks of his and the sitter’s existence. A recent 9-month, 242-piece collage work, Cascade 2022/23, captures a wash of 242 people locally and beyond.

MEDIUM: Across all mediums

STUDIO ADDRESS: Quantong (refer to flyer for studio address for 2023 trail)


PHONE: 0438 634 734


FACEBOOK: anthony.pelchen

INSTAGRAM: pelchencodemaroon

INSTAGRAM: anthonypelchenstudio

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