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Carolynne Hamdorf

Establishing a small studio next door to her home & garden in Natimuk has given Carolynne the space and motivation to explore ideas, collect, assemble and arrange.

The sometime work-space, often time workshop and occasional retail pop up, enables Carolynne to pay attention to small details, respond to texture, shape, colour and form that reflects her varied work, reflective practises and aesthetic.

Carolynne’s personal creative practice uses locally sourced materials that she recycles and ‘reconfigures into interpretations of place’, and the form this takes includes sculpture, painting, and repurposed textiles, often passed down through family members. (D Molan 2022)

Carolynne’s work focuses on the repurposing of everyday domestic objects, often stitching and overlaying text to challenge conventions of power, privilege and entitlement. Her love of Australian iconography/ imagery, flora and fauna also inspires her work.

MEDIUM: Reclaimed, reshaped and reimaged materials

STUDIO ADDRESS: Trove, 74 Main Street Natimuk


PHONE: 0400 871 289

INSTAGRAM: carolynnehamdorf

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