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D'Arcy Molan

D’Arcy Molan is an artist based in Natimuk, with a background in music and writing. He also draws grey-lead humanoid creatures when his schedule allows. D’Arcy is Chair of ACT Natimuk (2023).

D’Arcy completed his PhD in 2023 at Deakin University. His thesis focuses on the politics of postcolonial placemaking through his non-indigenous family connection to the Wimmera region and the transformational possibilities of community arts approaches. His work investigates the Wimmera through settler/non-indigenous and First Nations history, culture, and collaboration, via critical literary practices and poetic interventions. He works as a Research Assistant at Deakin University for various regional projects.

For the NOSAT weekend, D’Arcy will be wandering the town and trail in a visi vest, helping visitors with any information and directions they might need.

MEDIUM: Music, writing, drawing

STUDIO ADDRESS: Wandering Trail guide Pied Piper






D photo.jpg
D'Arcy Molan - Painted with light_edited
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