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Eleanor McDonald

Eleanor McDonald is a Visual Artist based in Melbourne/Naarm, with a strong connection to Arapiles/Dyurrite/Wimmera.

My arts practice crosses a number of media including digital projection, printmaking, drawing and painting.  

The Installation based work (film, print, object) that comes from this practice primarily examines the capacity of the inanimate to become articulate and evocative. Often the representations appear as intimate, yet somewhat disorienting, surface topographies.

The enduring and the ephemeral have been gathered to form an iconography of interiority; an inland.

The series: Inland is an ongoing, accumulating body of studio work.

MEDIUM: Digital projection, printmaking, drawing and painting  

STUDIO ADDRESS: The Goat Gallery, 87a Main Street, Natimuk



INSTAGRAM: @eleanormcd123

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