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Gail Harradine

Gail Harradine is a Wotjobaluk, Post-graduate trained curator and arts practitioner from Dimboola, Victoria with 8 years University study. Her focus has always been on South East Australian First Nations and Clans since her thesis on Aboriginal art in the Melbourne area in the 1990s as part of her Postgraduate work at Melbourne University.


She enjoys being creative with photography, painting, silversmithing and utilising traditional techniques related to women’s adornment, and working with Wergaia language initiatives. Gail works as a Curatorial Manager in Melbourne and travels home to family regularly to progress her art practice.

MEDIUM: Photography, Silversmithing/Jewellery, Painting

STUDIO: Soldiers Memorial Hall, 101 Main Street, Natimuk


PHONE: 0458 672 176

FACEBOOK: gailharradine

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