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Jacqui Schulz
Studio Volt

Jacqui is a story & experience curator & maker, working with screen (as a drama and factual filmmaker), and space activation including immersive theatre, cabaret, projection and public art. She has also been the director of the Nati Frinj Festival, and producer of many site-specific projects manifestations including ‘The Emporium’ and the Museum of Modern Oddities (MoMO with Neil Thomas and Katie Bowman).


Her portal to both the Wimmera and Europe was via the international theatre arts company Bambuco; presenting ephemeral public art and performance in high profile sites. She is also an arts and culture documenter and general time traveller working gathering oral histories and museum content.

Trail availability: Saturday 11 - 4pm

                            Sunday 11-1pm

MEDIUM: Film and other adventures

STUDIO ADDRESS: 13 Duncan St (one off pop-up studio only)


PHONE: 0409 326 721


INSTAGRAM: @jacmatic


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