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Sophie Jones & Jason Walsh
Natimuk Upholstery

Training locally in Natimuk to become rock-climbing guides, Sophie and Jason quickly formed a friendship. Natimuk upholstery was an easy decision when they discovered they have eerily complimentary skills; Sophie with extensive experience in apparel production across the Bridal, Fashion and Safety apparel including Police, Fire and Emergency services; Jason, a fourth generation Upholsterer, furniture designer and winner of apprentice of the year.


They work together to provide creative upholstery solutions for automotive, domestic and commercial applications. Whilst they both enjoy the business aspect of upholstery; they far more enjoy pushing one another artistically to create art from existing undesirable pieces of furniture.

MEDIUM: Textiles. Upholstery

STUDIO ADDRESS: 33 Lake Avenue, Natimuk VIC 3409 – The shed


PHONE: Sophie 0432477839 Jason 0497870400



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