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Pat Ford
Arapiles Multimedia

Pat Ford found his artistic outlet in 1997 when the first digital cameras were released and digital editing on a PC became a reality. ‘’I discovered my passion in being able to take video footage and turn it in to a story with thoughtful and creative editing post filming - which is often where all the magic happens! “


 In 1998 he started Arapiles Multimedia in Natimuk  where he has enjoyed working on varied projects across the Wimmera.

He has been working with Digital video for around 27 years and the passion for editing to tell the story has continued to grow, along with his continued learning through the process.

Over the past 4 years Pat has had the opportunity to work with his partner, Lisa (a teacher trainer in the Pilates Industry) and has produced numerous training videos for her business as well as working alongside her through livestreaming webinar events.

Trail availability: Saturday 11- 4


MEDIUM: Digital video

STUDIO ADDRESS: 50 station St (Entry via Depot Lane) Trail


PHONE: 0457 509 616


FACEBOOK: Arapiles


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